‘The Meg’ Swims Past Box Office Expectations…But Needs More

After a stronger-than-expected $16.5 million opening Friday from 4,119 screens, Warner Bros.’ monster movie “The Meg” looks like it will beat box office expectations with a $40 million opening weekend.

But is that enough?Before the weekend, “The Meg” was projected to open to $25 million, around the same total that Universal/Legendary’s “Skyscraper” opened to last month.

Co-financed by Chinese and American money, that Dwayne Johnson film has had a tepid run at theaters with $280 million worldwide against a $125 million budget.“The Meg,” which has a similar financial situation with a budget co-financed by China Media Capital’s Gravity Pictures, is already off to a better start than “Skyscraper.” But it also has a bigger budget.

Warner Bros.

has reported a budget of $130 million, while financial and box office analysts tell TheWrap that it could be as high as $150 million.Regardless, $400 million global is the likely break-even point for this film, which

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