The Menu And Digging Into Delicious Horror Food [Fantastic Fest]

The Menu” is one of the best horror movies of the year.

A slow-cooked, delectable full-course meal marinated with dark humor and some surprising, gory turns.

It is a film set in the world of haute cuisine, where the rich go to expensive restaurants just for the sake of exclusivity, where chefs care more about providing a theme and a concept than they do about making actual good food.

We’re talking about the kind of place that serves a breadless bread plate and a course consisting of just leaves on a rock to represent the ocean or something.

“The Menu” is hysterical, mostly thanks to a stellar turn by Ralph Fiennes, who is perfectly cast and used here.

But it also has something to say about the service industry and its treatment, about creative burnout, and more.More importantly, however, this movie just looks absolutely delicious.

Because the story takes

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