‘The Midnight Gospel’: Netflix’s Animated Series ‘Approaches Life and Death with Some Calmness’

With “The Midnight Gospel,” Pendleton Ward left “Adventure Time” far behind, while Duncan Trussell found new meaning in repurposing his funny, philosophical podcast interviews.

Together, they pushed the boundaries of animation at Netflix with their trippy and darkly comic journey through a simulated multiverse undergoing apocalyptic meltdowns.

And the fact that the series dropped during the pandemic lockdown makes it seem all the more relevant and therapeutic.“The pandemic is surreal on its own.

I hope the show is enjoyable as a distraction right now,” said Ward, who enjoyed the freeform structure.

“That’s my favorite way to work now…to provide a comedy/visual aesthetic direction to work under but to break the rules if someone has a cool idea.

Making art exciting and not just a grind!”Ward’s concept for “The Midnight Gospel” was to create a crazy quilt that keeps moving in different directions about spacecaster

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