‘The Midnight Gospel’ Review: ‘Adventure Time’ Creator’s Astonishing New Netflix Show

The small miracle of “Adventure Time” in its earliest season came from creator Pendleton Ward’s ability to juggle ingredients that shouldn’t work so well together.

The show was silly and profound in equal measures, treating that balance as the ultimate yin and yang.

The Midnight Gospel” brings that same notion to ambitious new heights, shedding the pretense of a “children’s show” that sometimes hindered the reach of “Adventure Time” and chases big ideas right out of the gate.

It’s mind-blowing in the best possible way.On some level, “The Midnight Gospel” has a much simpler premise than “Adventure Time”: Ward and co-creator Duncan Trussell have joined forces to animate select conversation from the comedian’s soul-searching and occasionally boisterous podcast, “The Duncan Trussell Family Hour,” where he interviews a range of characters about their life philosophies and usually their meditation practices.

At the same time,

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