‘The Mosquito Coast’: How the Camera Became an Essential Part of Justin Theroux’s Perilous Journey

The first two episodes of “The Mosquito Coast,” currently streaming on Apple TV+, kicked off with a probing camera that helped convey the eccentric mind of inventor Allie Fox (Justin Theroux) and the perilous journey he’s forced to take with his family in pursuit of his mad dream.

In the opener, the camera snakes through his steampunk refrigeration system that converts heat to ice, and, in the follow-up episode, the camera tracks a butterfly landing on top of a Coke can and then follows its flight through the urban emptiness, foreshadowing Fox’s path.It was part of director Rupert Wyatt’s visual plan with cinematographer Alex Disenhof to keep us in a state of perpetual motion, as Allie, wife Margot (Melissa George), teenage daughter Dina (Logan Polish), and son Charlie (Gabriel Bateman) take flight from the American Southwest to Mexico when they are pursued by government agents.


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