The Never-Ending ‘Seinfeld’ AI Shows Signs of Becoming Self Aware: ‘Why Are We Here?’

That unending “Seinfeld” AI show is starting to seem more like “Westworld.”“Nothing, Forever” currently streams on Twitch in a 24-7 loop.

In one-minute doses, the show uses AI tools like Gpt-3 and Dall-e, all trained on classic ’90s sitcom scripts to generate miniature scenes of four different characters, each modeled loosely off the look and feel of “Seinfeld” in pixely, blocky colors.They are, of course, chatting about the minutiae of life and it is punctuated with awkwardly timed canned laugh tracks.

It also includes clips of the artificial Jerry character standing in front of a brick wall doing stand-up, as well as establishing shots of Jerry’s New York apartment.And then, this.“Did you ever stop and think this might be one big cosmic joke?” asks AI Elaine.“Well, I don’t think it’s all necessarily, all, y’know…” AI George trails off.“I know,” says AI Elaine,

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