The New Angelina Jolie Flops While ‘Spiral,’ The Latest Saw Sequel, Is Tops With $8.7 Million Debut

Even as the past year has served up more than its share of real-life terrors, it turns out that die-hard horror fans can still be counted on to turn out for the latest cinematic fright-fest—even if there’s an A-list movie star appearing in the theater next door.

Exhibit A: Spiral, the newest chapter in the long-running Saw franchise, bowed at No.

1 at the North American box office over the weekend with an $8.7 million haul, trouncing the high-profile debut of Angelina Jolie’s survival thriller Those Who Wish Me Dead.

While Spiral does feature a couple of bold-faced names of its own, it’s always been the blood-soaked brand itself that’s been the big draw.

Even squeamish critics, who gave the film a 39% fresh score on Rotten Tomatoes, couldn’t convince gore-hounds to stay away.The ninth chapter in the splatter saga—a saga which kicked off all

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