The Nightmare Before Christmas’ Jack Skellington Casting Drove A Wedge Between Danny Elfman And Tim Burton

Aside from its revered place as one of the most beloved holiday movies of all time, “The Nightmare Before Christmas” has a complicated legacy.

Not due to problematic themes or scandalous allegations, but instead like Tobe Hooper’s “Poltergeist“, where the collaboration process between its premier storytellers has muddied over time.

The 1993 macabre musical extravaganza is the collected innovation of “Wendell & Wild” director and stop-motion maestro Henry Selick, screenwriter Caroline Thompson (“Edward Scissorhands”), producer Tim Burton (who also authored the 1982 poem that inspired the movie), and composer/songwriter Danny Elfman, who developed the story and lyrics with Burton.Together, they tell the story of “a place that perhaps you’ve seen in your dreams,” a realm where each holiday has its own world.

Jack Skellington reigns as “The Pumpkin King” of Halloween Town and its monstrous citizens — “There are few who’d deny, at what I do I am the best,

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