‘The Northman’: Anya Taylor-Joy And Nicole Kidman Tease Terrifying Film The World “Genuinely Hasn’t Seen Before”

Robert Eggers burst onto the scene five years ago with “The Witch,” a slow-burn horror film the likes of which most audiences hadn’t seen before, which launched the career of Anya Taylor-Joy.

Now, the actress is reuniting with Eggers for his Viking revenge movie “The Northman,” which is on track to be as unique (or bizarre) as the many scenes of Willem Dafoe farting in “The Lighthouse.”Read More: ‘The Northman’: Bill Skarsgård Drops Out Of Robert Eggers’ Viking Movie Due To “Scheduling Nightmare”Speaking with Collider about her role in “The Queen’s Gambit,” Taylor-Joy teased Eggers’ upcoming movie, and said it will be something the world “genuinely hasn’t seen before.”Of course, she couldn’t get into any specifics, but Taylor-Joy does build anticipation for “The Northman” in the interview and her new collaboration with Eggers.Continue reading ‘The Northman’: Anya Taylor-Joy And Nicole Kidman

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