The Original ‘Top Gun’ Rules the VOD Charts and Netflix, so Will ‘Maverick’ Have a 120-Day Window?

Paramount is having a great week.Not only is “Top Gun: Maverick” projected to have the best Memorial Day weekend gross in perhaps 25 years (adjusting for inflation) with an estimated 156 million U.S./Canada gross through Monday, with nearly 300 million worldwide — they also dominate this week’s VOD charts, including placing #1 at Netflix.Three Paramount films — “Sonic the Hedgehog 2” (19.99), “The Lost City” (5.99), and “Top Gun” all placed #1 on at least one site.

Among the three VOD charts below, they took six of the nine #1, 2, and 3 slots.Not bad when all of these films also are streaming (on Paramount + for subscribers).

It’s bonus revenue for the studio, which has flourished in theaters as well this year.

Of the seven releases to gross 100 million of more, they have had three, more than any of their competitors.“Hedgehog,” which has had a surprising 185 million domestic gross, added home platforms 47 days after its theatrical start.

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