The Oscars Go Global, and ‘Parasite’ Was Just the Beginning

In the modern Oscar season, there are two camps: One wants to see old-school Hollywood studio filmmaking return to the forefront, with “Top Gun: Maverick” leading the charge.

The other, galvanized by the success of “Parasite,” “Roma,” and “Drive My Car” and their migration beyond the Best International Feature Film category, wants to see the Academy further embrace international cinema.That side of the conversation will accelerate in the coming months.

Indian crossover hit “Rrr” didn’t get submitted by its country, but could have potential in major categories, including Best Picture.

Cannes Best Director winner Park Chan-wook could make it into that same category for the Oscars with Korean submission “Decision to Leave.” Lea Seydoux may get a Best Actress campaign for “One Fine Morning.” All of these possibilities and more are on the table — if some facets of the Academy can get over their lingering stigma with foreign-language films.

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