‘The Palace’: Star-Studded Cast, Plot Details & Everything We Know So Far

Since the early 2000s, the film industry has expressed increased interest in understanding the ins and outs of running a nation.

We saw it in Aaron Sorkin’s television masterpiece The West Wing (1999-2006), which gave audiences a glimpse at the everyday dilemmas of Washington insiders who truly care about making their country a better place.

More recently, we have seen comedies like Parks & Recreation that delve into the ridiculousness of local politics, and Veep (2012-2019), which explored the moral degradation of a self-obsessed but indecisive vice president.

Currently, even one of Netflix’s highest-rated and most-watched TV shows is The Crown, which chronicles the life of the late Queen Elizabeth II.

Now Kate Winslet is all set to star in The Palace, HBO’s newest prestige drama about the complicated geopolitics of a fictional European country.

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