‘The Predator’ Chomps On $2.5M Thursday Night – Box Office

20th Century Fox’s reboot of Predator/”>The Predator grossed $2.5M last night in Thursday previews which started at 7Pm.That’s lower than the $4.2M previews made by Ridley Scott’s R-rated Alien-Covenant-2017-movie-posters/”>Alien: Covenant from May 2017, which went on to a $36M opening, and just under the $3.4M made by Kingsman: The Golden Circle which continued on to a $39M three-day.

Tracking has forecasted that The Predator has a shot at No.

1 with $25M-$30M.

As we mentioned earlier, Hurricane Florence nor the sex offender controversy that dogged Predator last week at Tiff will be a stumbling factor at the B.O.The previous version of Predator in 2010 entitled Predators and produced by Robert Rodriguez for $38M (before P&A) posted a $10.4M opening day, and $24.7M weekend.

This Predator cost more at an estimated $88M.

Predators finaled at $52M stateside, $127.2M worldwide.

The best opening for a Predator movie belongs to its Alien crossover,

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