‘The Princess’ Review: An Addictive Documentary About Princess Diana

It’s a chronicle of Princess Diana culled entirely from television news footage and other public records.

In other words, this isn’t an intimate portrait of the Princess of Wales that ”takes us closer to the subject” through an archival jamboree of home movies, eyebrow-raising long-view commentary, and investigative coups.

The Diana we see in “The Princess” is the one we’ve always seen, the one we’ve been watching for 40 years, 25 of them since her death in 1997.

Since we’ve never stopped watching her, “The Princess,” coming on the heels of “Spencer,” Season 4 of “The Crown,” and the short-lived musical “Diana,” may sound like one Diana document too many.

Yet after all those dramatic treatments, it’s galvanizing to see the real story laid out exactly as it happened — or, more precisely, as it happened and as it was presented to the public, those being, quite often, two very different things.

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