‘The Prom’ Review: Meryl Streep Charms in the Feel-Good Musical This Year Needed

It’s every teenage girl’s dream: The high school PTA has just announced they’d rather cancel prom than let you bring your girlfriend, when a gaggle of garishly dressed Broadway stars you’ve never heard of storms in singing, “We are gonna help that little lesbian…”Although these colorful coastal elites cause quite a stir while managing to muddle everything up, they give you a mall shopping spree, a sequined shoulder to cry on — and some killer song and dance routines.

That’s “The Prom.”Aside from its impassioned overtures for LGBTQ+ rights, “The Prom” has all the makings of a classic Hollywood musical: Haughty urbanites descend reluctantly on a small provincial town seeking validation and instead find love, connection, and renewed life’s purpose.

It’s like if the strivers from “The Philadelphia Story” went to Allentown to help Peggy Sawyer find her way to “42nd Street.

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