The Proper Reading Order For The Halo Books

Halo” is a story about a super soldier known as Master Chief (aka John-117) who fights aliens in space over ancient technology.

You might think from the description that it’s a story you’ve seen many times before.

Certainly, “Halo” wears its influences on its sleeve.

But don’t underestimate the world of the games, which has thus far been the subject of over 30 novels, several comics, and one season of a live-action television show.

Bungie cut their teeth directing the “Marathon” trilogy of narratively ambitious first-person shooters.

“Halo” was targeted at a wider audience, but its developers still took the time to flesh out the game’s setting.

Rather than the heavy metal mishmash of “Doom” and its ilk, this would be a world of alien religious sects, military jargon, and Gregorian chanting.Ed Fries, who ran Microsoft Game Studios at the time the first “Halo” was released, said in Vice’s oral

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