The Purge Creator Hints At A Fifth Movie, Offers Update On TV Series

Although Sinister still reigns supreme for me, this writer’s other favorite franchise to have been brought to us by Blumhouse Productions is easily that of The Purge.

And while it may have gotten off to a slow start with its first attempt, I personally feel the two sequels that followed tapped the full potential of the concept that sees all crime legalized for one night out of the year.

Chock full of edge-of-your-seat moments and social commentary, it’s no wonder why I and others keep coming back for more.So, if you’re up to date on the films, then you’re well aware of how the Purge itself was set to be abolished after the events of the third flick, Election Year.

Given that, I pondered how the series could continue, but all questions were answered once the next installment was unveiled as a prequel, that being The First Purge.

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