The revolution will be televised: why we are witnessing a big-boss backlash

As even the Minions start to question their morally compromised overlord, popular culture is increasingly siding with the workers in their fight against corporate greedThe cultural zeitgeist around work is changing.

Last week, many of us will have been frantically adjusting our journeys amid nationwide train strikes.

If the transport gods were merciful, we will have got home in time for the latest episode of Sherwood, a twisty drama about the legacy of the miners’ strike.

You may have just finished Apple TV’s Severance, which depicts a future where work is so bleak the only way it can get done is by creating alternate versions of ourselves.

Now we have Minions: Rise of Gru which asks if there is a place in today’s world for a morally compromised but lovable boss supported by a legion of subservient, amorphous workers.Having worked in retail in the mid-to-late 2010s,

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