‘The Rider’ Puts a Female Lens on Toxic Masculinity

This article was originally produced as part of the Nyff Critics Academy.

The Rider” is now playing in limited release.“You can overcome anything if you work hard enough” is an infectious idea, a brick in the foundation of the American Dream.

But that depends on how accessible that dream is in the first place.

The titular hero Brady Blackburn of “The Rider” confronts such boundaries as he pines to return to the rodeo pedestal.Rarely do Native Americans faces command an onscreen presence.

While the recent historical romance “A Woman Walks Ahead” empowers Native American voices, it still fits a pattern of regulating Native Americas as supporting players to white-centric narratives.

On the other hand, Chloe Zhao’s gentle drama “The Rider” gives the spotlight to the Lakota face of Brady Jandreau, whose real-life head injury inspired the film.Zhao shot “The Rider” and her first Lakota-centric feature “Songs My Brothers Taught Me

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