The Rings Of Power Needed Non-Existent Camera Tech To Capture Its VFX Shots

Five episodes into its debut season, it’s clear that “Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power” is one of the best-looking shows on television right now.

Whether or not you like its musical harfoot interludes and “Game of Thrones“-esque plot machinations, its striking — and strikingly expensive — visuals are pretty undeniable.The main observation I return to again and again while watching the show is just how real it looks compared to other big-budget blockbusters.

The production seems to make good use of all the elements of filmmaking, creating a bright and beautiful world instead of just siphoning all those Amazon dollars into dreary, washed-out visual effects.

But it seems like there’s more than just a complete color palette and a commitment to practical effects working in the show’s favor.

Even the shots that clearly feature CGI look more pleasing to the human eye than most, in ways that

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