The RoboCop Scene That Had To Be Cut To Avoid An X-Rating

RoboCop” is considered a classic of ’80s action cinema due to its high-concept story, the surprising emotional depths of said story, and the gobs of ultraviolence that are liberally sprinkled throughout that story. Peter Weller’s Alex Murphy is literally shot to pieces before being rebuilt as a cyborg, Bob Morton (Miguel Ferrer) has his kneecaps blown out by Clarence Boddicker (Kurtwood Smith), and one of Boddicker’s henchman has a run-in with a vat of toxic waste.

To think this film has spawned ad campaigns for fried chicken and even has not one, but two animated spinoffs!However, it turns out that the film could have been…The post The RoboCop Scene That Had to Be Cut to Avoid an X-Rating appeared first on /Film.

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