‘The Royal Treatment’ Review: A Stressed Hairdresser Gains a Royally Cute New Client in Noble Netflix Romp

We’ve come a long way in terms of fairy tales centered on a handsome prince from a far-off land rescuing a beautiful, distressed damsel from a life of destitution.

It’s widely welcomed that women can rescue themselves and concurrently complement the male arc.

With Netflix delivering progressive modernizations of these fantasies in their stable of holiday-themed titles, they’ve ever-so-slightly refashioned the traditional model of empty-calorie cinematic confections.

Yet their off-season offerings have been scarce — until now, with Rick Jacobson’s “The Royal Treatment,” which takes expected genre trappings and infuses them with unexpected delights, creating an enlightened, enchanting and entertaining feature.Indomitable beauty salon owner Izzy (Laura Marano) has never met a head of hair or a troubled soul she hasn’t been able to touch.

A fixture in her Bronx neighborhood, delivering donuts and smiles in equal measure to friends and family, her Italian heart of gold keeps her world turning.

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