The Russo Bros. Asked Steven Soderbergh to ‘Say Nice Things’ to Kevin Feige to Land ‘Winter Soldier’

Steven Soderbergh is to thank for the Russo Brothers’ lucky break.The “Logan Lucky” director worked his magic to help longtime friends Joe and Anthony Russo direct their first Marvel movie, “Captain America: Winter Soldier,” in 2014.“The Russos are friends of mine,” Soderbergh told Rolling Stone.

“Who knew when I first met them that this was what they loved to do and had a real feeling for? I didn’t know this until they called me and said, ‘We’re up for this Captain America movie [“Captain America: The Winter Soldier”].

Will you call Kevin Feige and say nice things about us?’”Soderbergh continued, “And I said, ‘Yes, if you will answer me this one question: Is this something you’re dying to do or is it something someone told you you ought to be doing?’ And they said, ‘Oh no, we have this massive comic book collection.

This is our dream job.

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