‘The Sea Beast’ Review: Netflix Animation Raises Its Flag with Chris Williams’ Swashbuckling Fantasy Epic

With the exception of “The Mitchells vs.

the Machines” — which Netflix acquired from Sony a few short months before its release — and a handful of niche gems like “Apollo 10 ½” and “I Lost My Body,” the world’s largest streamer has done a spectacularly poor job of producing original animated movies that continue to exist once they leave people’s homepage.

, Chris Williams’ epic “The Sea Beast” suggests that the tide is potentially about to turn.At the risk of grading “The Sea Beast” on too generous a curve, Williams’ film would stand out from the annual flood of sub-Pixar kiddie fare and generic subscription fodder even if it had nothing to offer beyond its self-belief.

It tells a simple but epic story against the backdrop of a well-realized fantasy world, it does so at a measured pace that provokes the imagination rather than pummeling it into submission, and it

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