‘The Show’ Review: Comic Book Maestro Alan Moore’s Noirish Fantasia

Though famously ambivalent about film adaptations of his work — to the degree of never watching some — Alan Moore has written a screen original in “The Show,” perhaps attracted to a more hands-on approach to the medium now that he’s officially retired from comics.

This playfully wayward mystery set in his native Northampton turns that burg into a kind of midlands Gotham, where not-quite-superheroic intrigue unfolds as convolutedly as possible.

Fun if perhaps a little too tongue-in-cheek for its own good, the results will no doubt appeal most to Moore fans who’ll revel in his Byzantine plotting, noirish tropes and other signature elements.

Fathom Events is providing them one-night U.S.

theatrical access this Thursday, Aug.

26; release in other formats is as yet unannounced.“The Show” is directed by Mitch Jenkins, a photographer who’s collaborated with the “Watchmen” scribe for 12 years, including on several shorts that introduced some of its characters and ideas.

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