‘The Shrink Next Door’ Review: Paul Rudd Brainwashes Will Ferrell in Touching, Toothless Apple TV+ Series

“The Shrink Next Door” gets its title from the 2019 Wondery/Bloomberg podcast hosted by Joe Nocera, but whether you listened to the business reporter’s investigation into Dr.

Isaac Herschkopf and his fraudulent manipulations of patient Marty Markowitz, what’s peculiar about the Apple TV+ adaptation is that there is no next-door neighbor.

In the podcast, Nocera discovers this doomed pairing because they’re living on the other side of his fence, and the idea that such a twisted tale could be taking place one house over is part of what gives the strange-but-true story such an eerie wallop.

Shattering the normalcy of a relatable neighborly relationship is a provocative entry-point for this bonkers, private debacle.The show, developed by Georgia Pritchett (a writer on “Succession” and “Veep”), jettisons that perspective in favor of fully investing in its two main characters, as well as the two movie stars playing them.

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