‘The Slow Hustle’ Trailer: ‘The Wire’ Star Sonja Sohn Directs HBO Doc on Baltimore Police Death

Filmmaker and actress Sonja Sohn of “The Wire” returns with the follow-up to her 2017 documentary “Baltimore Rising.” The new film, titled “The Slow Hustle,” looks to be an equally powerful look at the continued corruption in the world of the Baltimore police department and the activists who seek to expose it.“The Slow Hustle” details the mysterious death of veteran Baltimore police officer, Detective Sean Suiter.

As the film lays out, Suiter’s death is just one in a string of corruption claims against Baltimore Pd, with Suiter himself marked as a key witness in an upcoming trial.

As the various journalists, family members, and others associated with the case lay out, the desire was to sell Suiter as another bad apple in order to get the story squashed.Coincidentally, the trailer is debuting four years to the day that Suiter was killed.

HBO continues to weave stark social commentary into compelling narratives,

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