‘The Square’ Helmer Ruben Ostlund on Filming ‘Triangle of Sadness’ With Woody Harrelson During Pandemic (Exclusive)

Ruben Östlund, the Palme d’Or-winning director of “The Square,” did not binge-watch series on a couch during the pandemic.

Instead, Östlund, who received the 2021 Nordic Honorary Dragon Award on Thursday, told Variety that he had the time of his life shooting “Triangle of Sadness,” his most ambitious film to date, in exotic locations with a multinational cast, including Woody Harrelson.The 72-day shoot took place on a deserted Island in Greece and onboard The Christina O, a prestigious yacht whose passengers have included Winston Churchill, John Wayne, Frank Sinatra and Marilyn Monroe.Perks aside, Östlund admitted that “on a few occasions (he and his producers) weren’t sure (they) could finish the shooting” in the fall.One key challenge was having the cast travel from multiple locations, but especially the U.S.

from where Harrelson flew, in spite of an international travel ban.

“The staff at the gate wouldn

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