‘The Stand’: CBS All Access Series Doesn’t See Itself as Pandemic Story

The cast and crew of “The Stand,” premiering on CBS All Access December 17, know that people will compare their adaptation of Stephen King’s classic novel to what’s going on today.

It’s hard not to, what with King’s tome telling the story of an apocalyptic disease that wipes out most of the human populace.

But creator Benjamin Cavell was up to the challenge.“We all felt the weight and responsibility to do right by this iconic source material,” Cavell said during a recent TCA panel.

“I’ve never regarded ‘The Stand’ as a book about a pandemic.”For Cavell — who entered the project three years ago, well before the word “Covid” was on anyone’s lips — it’s more about the elemental struggles between good and evil.“King has been very up front about the fact that this was his attempt to do ‘Lord of the Rings’ in America,

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