The Succession Series Finale Brought Kendall’s Enduring Motif Full Circle

This post contains spoilers for the series finale of “Succession.”It was always going to end with water.

The story of Kendall Roy (Jeremy Strong) began as a tragedy five years ago, and ended as a tragedy tonight.

Kendall has been the raw nerve of “Succession” practically since its beginning, but his true woes began in the show’s season 1 finale, when, on a drug-and-drink fueled bender, he and a waiter crashed a car into a lake during Shiv’s wedding.

Kendall walked away, but the waiter didn’t, and it feels like that water left a dark stain on Kendall’s soul that never really went away.

If the poison drips through, the water does, too.Water has come up again and again in Kendall’s storylines, and it’s often felt dangerous.

The motif has recurred enough that when he finally took a triumphant swim earlier this season after nailing the Living+ presentation,…

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