‘The Tax Collector’ Review: There’s More Madness Than Method to Shia Labeouf’s Latest Extreme Character

You wouldn’t know it from the marketing campaign, but Shia Labeouf is not the star of “The Tax Collector.” And for once, the actor isn’t the most interesting thing about a film he’s involved with — this despite the fact that he’s attracted a lot of press over getting his chest tattooed for the part.

Ironically, there’s just one scene — our last view of Labeouf — in which audiences can spot the ink.

Otherwise, “Creeper” (a nickname now permanently inked on his abdomen) comes across more menacing in the neatly pressed oxford shirt, necktie and banker’s vest he wears for most of .The real star of “The Tax Collector” — the gangland “tax collector” of the film’s title — is relative newcomer Bobby Soto.

Picture a youthful Che Guevara with a tidy metrosexual beard, and you’ll understand what Ayer saw in the actor, who could easily

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