The teens disrupting Minions screenings might actually be the saviours of cinema

‘Gentleminions’ being turned away from showings of the latest Despicable Me spinoff should be nectar for the ailing industryNobody really knew what the state of cinema would be post-Covid.

Would audiences stay at home through fear? Would streaming kill off the theatrical experience for good? Or would cinema itself take on a whole new form; a bold and exciting incarnation characterised by hundreds of teenagers dressing up in suits and relentlessly screaming nonsense at the screen, to the tangible chagrin of everyone else in attendance?It’s too early to say for sure but, judging by the reaction to the recently released Minions: The Rise of Gru, it’s definitely the latter.

In fact, so many young people are attending Minions screenings in formalwear in order to honk full-volume gibberish at the screen that cinemas have started to turn people away.

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