The Time Philip Seymour Hoffman Stood Up for Patrick Fugit While Making ‘Almost Famous’

Cameron Crowe’s rock-and-roll odyssey “Almost Famous” about his golden days as a Rolling Stone journalist has only gotten better with time.

The film turns 20 this September, and its wild shoot continues to yield fascinating stories from the crew and cast.

That includes one of the movie’s breakout stars, Patrick Fugit, who plays Crowe’s surrogate character William and was only 16 at the time of filming.In a recent Vulture interview with Fugit about the making of “Almost Famous,” one memory that stands out is his on-set dynamic with Philip Seymour Hoffman, who plays legendary music writer Lester Bangs.

Lester becomes William’s mentor and editor, and that mentorship onscreen also carried over behind the scenes on the movie.“Philip was only there for a few days.

He was another well-known theater actor with a lot of training, and he was less accepting of me than Billy [Crudup] was,” Fugit said.

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