‘The Tomorrow War’ Review: Chris Pratt Goes Back to the Future to Lead a Battle Against Aliens

The creatures they’re fighting are odd-looking beasts.

Imagine the big-jawed monsters from the “Alien” films crossed with Velociraptors crossed with rapidly galloping chickens, with skin that looks like it’s been rolled in egg wash and dipped in white flower.

They’re all limbs, tentacles, teeth, haunches, and lightning movement — and, in the end, not that different from the monsters in the “Quiet Place” films.

The Tomorrow War” could have been called “A Noisy, Frantically Derivative Place.” It’s an alien-combat time-warp movie that makes you long for the nuance of “Starship Troopers.” Much of it is flat-out cheesy, but as a film that was originally set to be released by Paramount, and is now an Amazon digital release, it feels right at home as an age-of-Netflix look-this-is-just-like-the-junk-you-could-see-in-a-theater film.

It’s the definition of rousingly adequate.Chris Pratt, likable as he can be, is basically a bulked-up puppy dog,

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