The Vast of Night review – a low-budget, high-concept sci-fi trip

Mile-a-minute dialogue and showy unbroken tracking shots make this enjoyable 1950s-set mystery a worthy homage to The Twilight ZoneThis witty and audacious sci-fi mystery arrives like a persistent and unexplained radar-bleep from the heavens: low-budget, high-concept.

First-time director Andrew Patterson and screenwriters James Montague and Craig W Sanger have created something like a movie pastiche or a filmic chamber opera – one that will sometimes spend ages in cramped interior locations while people give long speeches to each other, and sometimes whoosh around outside, with enjoyable, show-offy unbroken tracking shots that take us through dark streets, up to a high school and through its crowded gymnasium.It’s set in the 1950s in the fictional town of Cayuga, New Mexico – no one actually says the word “Roswell” – where people are coming to see a high-school basketball match.

Everett (Jake Horowitz) is the smart-alec local DJ who is putting out his

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