‘The Vault’ Review: Freddie Highmore Helps a Team Break Into an Unbreakable Bank

Retitled from the even more indistinct “Way Down” for U.S.

release, Spanish heist “The Vault” stubbornly remains one of those movies you know you’ll be forgetting almost as soon as you finish watching it.

There’s nothing really wrong with this glossy tale of a “mission impossible” raid on a heavily fortified Madrid bank to retrieve treasure, as slickly directed by Jaume Balaguero of the “[rec]” series.

It’s just that a caper of this type needs tense set pieces, surprising twists, idiosyncratic characters or charismatic stars — ideally, all the above — to distinguish itself, and this one falls short in all those departments.Viewers who really love this sort of thing may get caught up in the procedural aspects of the story anyway.

But anyone desiring more from a heist movie than the genre’s familiar conventions professionally executed will find “The Vault” a bit empty.

Saban Films is

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