‘The Walking Dead’ Review: Maggie Sees The Bigger Picture In Action-Filled ‘Do Not Send Us Astray’

[Editor’s note: Spoilers for “The Walking Dead” Season 8 Episode 13, “Do Not Send Us Astray,” follow.]Whose Episode Is It?“Do Not Send Us Astray” features the biggest battle we’ve gotten in the back half of Season 8, as the Saviors arrive at Hilltop only to discover that under Maggie’s leadership the Hilltop is not playing around.The episode has a little bit of everything — human vs.

human action, human vs.

zombie action, and even some significant character development for Maggie.

It’s as busy an episode as last week, but — barring one particularly embarrassing subplot — it’s a much stronger effort.The War EffortThe action is a cut above this week, as the usual “just shoot from behind cover” approach is replaced by some real strategy.

It’s particularly clever to leave the gates open to lure the Saviors into a trap, since it catches the Saviors off guard and ensures the

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