‘The Walking Dead’ Review: ‘Morning Star’ Moves Quickly but Fails to Engage

There’s a moment in “Morning Star” that, while not coming close to undoing the damage Carol’s done this season, at least attempts to get us to further understand where she’s coming from.

Carol is trying to reconcile with Lydia, who mentions that she’s sorry Henry died and that Carol hates the world because of it.

Carol gazes into the distance and murmurs, “I had a whole life.” She didn’t just lose Henry; she also lost her husband and her home in the Kingdom.

She had the closest thing to domestic bliss that people on “The Walking Dead” could hope to achieve, and it all came one after another, leaving her with nothing.

Lydia tearfully says, “I remember,” and in that moment we do, too.It’s a good scene, one where two characters relate to each other in a way that plays off their shared

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