‘The Walking Dead’ Review: ‘Stalker’ Is a Successful Blend of Horror and Action

In most situations, an episode that comes after a big cliffhanger without following up on said cliffhanger feels like filler, especially on “The Walking Dead,” a show whose percentage of padding has been steadily increasing every year.

Stalker” might not let us know what’s going on with Connie, Magna, or Carol, but it more than makes up for that by delivering two taut, exciting plots and ratcheting up the tension of the Whisperer War.It’s remarkable that 10 years in, “The Walking Dead” hasn’t had a full-blown slasher episode until this week, but that’s just what “Stalker” is, as Beta invades Alexandria on a quest to find Gamma/Mary.

True, you have to clear the astronomically high hurdle of believing Dante really managed to dig a secret murder tunnel without anyone noticing — seriously, they might as well have given him canonical superpowers considering how many nefarious deeds

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