‘The Walking Dead’ Review: ‘The Bridge’ Is Perfectly Acceptable Table Setting

This Week On “The Walking Dead”If “The Bridge” is a slight downturn from last week’s promising premiere, it’s only because it’s stuck between the shock of the show’s new status quo and the build towards the rest of the season.

It exists to further flesh out the conflicts that are driving the action and to tease mysteries for later episodes, but it does both with an aplomb the show hasn’t regularly been exercising in seasons past.

It has modest ambitions, but it fulfills them quite well.Community Tension AssessmentThings could be better! While the episode opens with a sunny monologue from Rick about how everything’s hunky dory now, we know for a fact that’s not so.

The episode centers around the reconstruction of a bridge, and the metaphor of the difficulties in constructing connections between the communities is not exactly subtle.

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