‘The Walking Dead’ Review: ‘What We Become’ Offers Minimal Effort for Essential Developments

Let’s be clear: “What We Become” would be a bad episode of “The Walking Dead” even if it didn’t turn out to be the final in-series appearance of one of the show’s most enduring and beloved characters.

It’s dull and lifeless, with no character development to speak of, and its centerpiece is an extended, drama-free hallucination that serves no obvious purpose.

What’s more, it’s got a stock antagonist who serves exclusively as a plot device to get Michonne from point A to point B, with point B being the Rick Grimes Sunday Mystery Movies.

Unfortunately, that journey is utterly tedious and lacks any sense of import.Virgil (Kevin Carroll) is quickly revealed to be a standard “driven mad by the death of his family” character who’s brought Michonne to his facility to do what he can’t and kill off his zombified wife and children.

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