‘The Walking Dead’ Season 10, Ep 1 Review: ‘Lines We Cross’ Has a Big Fire and a Lot of Talking

Previously On “The Walking Dead”It was a year of big changes, as showrunner Angela Kang took over and Andrew Lincoln and Lauren Cohan departed early in the season, with news later breaking that Danai Gurira would also be leaving during Season 10.

In storyline, Rick got a multi-episode send-off followed by a big time-jump, but the show remained fundamentally unaltered, as Samantha Morton appeared as new big bad Alpha, head of a savage group of zombie cosplayers called the Whisperers whose conflict with our heroes culminated in the brutal deaths of Tara, Enid, Henry, and others.

A tentative truce was called, but everyone’s understandably on edge.A Shred of Humanity“Lines We Cross” is mostly table setting, primarily concerned with catching the audience up on the status of all the characters as we enter season 10.

The Whisperers haven’t been seen for months but our heroes are still respecting the borders Alpha designated,

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