‘The Way I See It’ Review: A Love Letter to Obama Through White House Photographer Pete Souza’s Lens

Every four years, a few months before the presidential election, a batch of strategically timed movies materialize in hopes of engaging voters and influencing the outcome.

Some are merely opportunistic, others downright propagandistic, but few have a shelf life past that first Tuesday in November.

A warm, softball profile of Pete Souza, who had the unusual honor of serving as official White House photographer for two presidents of opposite parties, Ronald Reagan and Barack Obama, “The Way I See It” feels like it could carry on being relevant to audiences for decades to come.Saving its political agenda for the end, the documentary — which is told through a mix of voiceover, video footage and iconic stills from Souza’s copious photo archives — opens with the image maker’s memories of Obama’s last hours in office.

He explains how the transition of power and witnessing the inauguration felt from where he stood,

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