The White Lotus Season 2 Is Fantasy Fulfillment Gone Terribly Wrong

This post contains spoilers for season 2, episode 6 of The White Lotus.Contrary to all the glitz and glamour on display when a new set of guests arrive at the titular resort, “The White Lotus” is not about the perks of wealth or the joy of vacationing at a gorgeous, sunkissed locale.

It’s also not about murder or money or even doing cocaine at epic palazzo parties (though Jennifer Coolidge in episode 6 might just convince you otherwise).

Beneath the surface, Mike White’s sardonic drama is far bleaker than all of that.The destinations may be beautiful and the characters swimming in wealth, but “The White Lotus” is far from the fantasy that it displays.

This is a series about dashed dreams and in the penultimate episode of its second season, the anthology starts to show the true danger of wishful thinking.

Disappointment and threatening artichokes wait around every corner and

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