The Williams Sisters Drive ‘King Richard,’ but It’s Also the Story of Two Brothers, Now Oscar-Bound

King Richard,” the true saga of how Richard Williams (Will Smith) turned his athletic daughters into tennis stars Venus and Serena Williams, started off as an idea from Tim White, who co-founded Star Thrower Entertainment with his filmmaker brother, Trevor.

Once they decided to pursue the Williams family’s story, the Whites proceeded to do just about everything right.

In Hollywood, this is rare.Here are the ways the White brothers delivered an entertaining, authentic, and uplifting movie that Warner Bros.

is pushing for the Best Picture Oscar.1.

A relatable narrative, tied to recognizable names.Tim grew up in Annapolis, Maryland playing competitive tennis, from the junior nationals to the minor leagues.

He knew the Richard Williams story, and when he was a teenager, saw him in the stadiums rooting for his kids.

“I remember him holding up the signs and hearing people talking about him as this controversial guy,

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