The Wire Couldn’t Be Made In The Post-Game Of Thrones Age, According To Co-Creator Ed Burns

Twenty years ago, HBO’s original drama programming consisted of “Oz,” “The Sopranos,” and “Six Feet Under.” The pay-cable outlet had been blazing a daringly original trail comedy-wise with series like “The Larry Sanders Show” and “Mr.

Show with Bob and David,” but this foray into seriousness shook up an industry that expected hour-long dramas to hew to network broadcast standards.

A bare butt and the occasional curse word in “NYPD Blue” was scandalous enough.

The penitentiary roughhousing on “Oz?” That was miles beyond the pale.

In any event, once top-flight storytellers realized HBO had an appetite for unvarnished…The post The Wire Couldn’t Be Made in the Post-Game of Thrones Age, According to Co-Creator Ed Burns appeared first on /Film.

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