‘The Wolf House’ Review: A Chilean Nazi Cult Inspires One of the Darkest Animated Movies Ever

It might be hyperbolic or unhelpful to label Cristóbal León and Joaquín Cociña’s “The Wolf House” as , but merely describing this stop-motion nightmare should be enough to explain the impulse.A grimmer-than-Grimm fairy tale inspired (and ostensibly produced) by Colonia Dignidad — the cult-like Chilean enclave founded by German fugitive Paul Schäfer, an insatiable pedophile who raped the members of his community, provided shelter to Nazi war criminals like Josef Mengele, and tortured Pinochet’s enemies in exchange for his support — “The Wolf House” takes the age-old story of the Three Little Pigs and filters it through the warped mind of a profoundly traumatized little girl until it no longer resembles a fable so much as it does the final minutes of “Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me.”Like the aroma of warm cookies wafting out of a witch’s hut, “The Wolf House” begins with a disarming trap, as

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