The Wonder: Everything You Need to Know

Pilling up one credit after the next, Florence Pugh has been involved in multiple highly-anticipated projects over the last few years.

From Black Widow to Don’t Worry Darling, the actress has shown her versatility whenever eyeing her next role and has maintained her attention-grabbing skills on screen untarnished.

Following the release of the Olivia Wilde film, Pugh’s next project to come out is her interpretation of Elizabeth (“Lib”) Wright in The Wonder.

Directed by Academy Award winner Sebastián Lelio, this project is an adaptation to the screen of Emma Donoghue’s novel set in the 1850s.

Years after her breakout role in the period drama Lady Macbeth, the lead actress returns to her roots playing a British nurse tasked with uncovering how an Irish girl has survived months without having food.

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