There Are ‘Conversations Happening’ About A Malignant Sequel

Hollywood essentially gave horror maestro James Wan a blank check after the success of his “Conjuring” movies, the “Insidious” films, the action-packed “Furious 7,” and the billion-dollar behemoth that was “Aquaman.” Wan decided to cash that check in a highly entertaining way with this year’s “Malignant,” a bug-nuts horror/camp classic which lured audiences into a false sense of security with its even-keel storytelling in its first half, only to completely flip the script in its back half with a twist that caused viewers to lose their minds.Here’s some news that might make you so excited that you’ll want to brawl with an entire jail cell full of 1970s movie cliches:…The post There Are ‘Conversations Happening’ About a Malignant Sequel appeared first on /Film.

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