There Was a Time Edgar Wright Was Mistaken for Paul Rudd

Who knew that Edgar Wright and Paul Rudd were doppelgängers?Wright hilariously shared an Instagram post highlighting the uncanny comparison between him and the “Clueless” actor.

“Was asked to sign two publicity photos of me.

Happy to oblige,” Wright captioned, before sharing side-by-side photos with Rudd.

“To avoid any further confusion on this matter, me and Paul would like to supply two recent photos.”Wright had written, “This is me! Lots of love!” next to his photo, adding, “This is Paul Rudd.

He’s cool too! Lots of love, Edgar W.” to the second photo.

Rudd then held up a Post-It with his name and an arrow to clarify which star is which.Zelda Williams commented, “And Keanu Reeves is just both of you in a leather Matrix trench coat.” Ke Huy Quan added, “This post is so funny! I can’t stop laughing.”This isn’t the first time

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